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  • County Asylums - a great introductory resource, offering a history of every UK asylum, as well as abundant links for further reading.

  • Studymore - an extraordinary resource on asylum history, survivor movements and so much else. It's quite text-heavy but its detail is unmatched.

  • CaneHill.Org - outstanding resource on Cane Hill; myriad testimonies and a wealth of material.

  • Hidden Memories of Mental Health Care - a fascinating new oral history project based on Mapperley Hospital. 

Survivor Movement / Service User Resources
  • Asylum Magazine - "the radical mental health magazine" informed by anti-psychiatry, social and critical psychiatry and user-led research. Archive editions now online.

  • Survivors' History Group - part of the Studymore site; encyclopaedic detail on Survivor movements.

Urban Exploration

[caveat: I stopped exploring a long time ago so this list is limited (suggestions welcome)..]

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